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2019-20 School Year Tuition and Fees


Registration Fee (per child)*                       $240.00


Tuition Cost Per Child  Total Cost
1st Child                   $3,780.00                  $3,780.00
2nd Child                     3,213.00                    6,993.00
3rd Child                     2,268.00                    9,261.00
4th Child                     1,512.00                  10,773.00
5th Child                     1,512.00                  12,285.00


*Early Registration Fee:  Students who pay the registration fee for the 2019-20 school year by June 15, 2019, will receive a $60 discount on their registration fee.  Any outstanding balance must be paid in full to receive this discount.  The regular registration fee is $240 per student, if paid by the aforementioned deadline, the discounted registration fee would be $180 per student.
Prepay Discount:  Any student that pays the entire years tuition in full by registration day, will receive a 2% discount off the tuition rate.