Grades 5 - 8

Mr. Gray's Classroom


Many of the teachers I had during my elementary years made a significant impact on my life. I have never been the best or the brightest, but I came away with a desire to make a similar positive impact on others. I believe that teachers have the most important and profound job. It is consecrated and committed teachers who start each child on the pathway to knowledge and understanding enabling each to reach their fullest potential.

With an understanding that we are living in the throes of a dying world, I believe my job is not only to prepare children to take their place in this world as productive members of society, but also to prepare them for the world to come. With this in mind, I will strive to meet individual needs by setting goals accordingly. I will endeavor to give my students the tools to deal with life's problems as well as the tools to learn and grow. I will purpose to establish a sense of structure and stability. To achieve these goals, I must always rely upon the divine assistance that is readily available..

The great joy of working with young people far outweighs any stress that may be associated, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with families doing the work that God deems so important. By His grace and through the prayers of church and family, I am confident of success for Jesus.