Grades K - 4

Mrs. Johnson's Classroom


I would like to share with you my personal philosophy of Christian Education. First of all, you are all precious and valuable; you are God’s children. I believe I have been called by God to teach. Teaching is a great responsibility; it is only through God that I can accomplish the role of a teacher. As a teacher, I not only teach you math, science, social studies and language arts, I am to show you Jesus. It is my highest privilege and responsibility as a Christian teacher to introduce you to my Lord and Savior. To me teaching is not a job, it is a ministry. I wake up early every morning and come to school for YOU. My passion is for you and to carry out the passion for teaching that God has given me. If I come to school and teach you main subjects without sharing Jesus with you, then I have defeated the purpose of my calling. Through study, service and example it is my desire that you come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is also my belief that all students can learn.  There is no one way to teach; we all learn in different ways, which calls for a variety of teaching methods and strategies. I will continually assess the methods I use and change them accordingly. It is my goal to see that your needs are taken care of. As your teacher, I want to give you my time and enthusiasm. It is my desire to have a positive relationship with each one of you. Also, as we learn, study and pray together, it is my goal that we become a classroom community of learners. We will work together as a class to serve each other and others in our community. 

As we go on this journey together, it is my prayer that we will all be brought closer to Jesus and become more like Him. I am excited to be your teacher and to see what God has in store for us!